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Battleship North Carolina Announces First in Flight License Plate

The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA announces applications are being accepted for the North Carolina First In Flight Specialized Battleship NORTH CAROLINA License Plate.

The plates will provide sustainable revenue for operations of the Ship, as the Ship does not receive state or federal funding for day to day functionality.  The cost is an annual $30 for a regular plate or $60 for personalized plus the regular license fee (both regular and personalized).  For each plate purchased, the Battleship receives $20.

In order to apply for a Battleship tag, complete the application form available at and remit a $30.00/$60.00 check or money order to Battleship NORTH CAROLINA, PO Box 480, Wilmington, NC 28402.

The Ship needs a minimum of 300 applications from North Carolina residents who currently have vehicles registered with the DMV before the plate will be produced.  Once the Battleship has received the proper number of applications, they will then be sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles for manufacturing to begin.

The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA is self-supporting, not tax supported and relies primarily upon admissions to tour the Ship, sales in the Ship’s Store, donations and investments. No funds for its administration and operation come from appropriations from governmental entities at the local, state or federal levels. Located at the junction of Highways 17/74/76/421 on the Cape Fear River.   Visit or follow us on and for more information. Relive with the crew on the Battleship Blog The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA is an historic site within the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources (