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Homage to Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen Eddie Van Halen Eddie Van Halen Eddie Van Halen Eddie Van Halen Eddie Van Halen

It all started when our son became aware of rock music at about the age of eight, listening to Aerosmith, CCR, Van Halen and others. Then he reached rock and roll maturity and began idolizing Eddie’s guitar. We visited Hard Rock restaurants around the world (literally) and photographed EVH memorabilia, bought music in CD and iTunes, visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and eventually were lucky enough to see EVH in concert – first with David Lee Roth, then with Sammy, then David again, traveling most recently to Vegas to catch their last tour.

A few years ago, he came into possession of a guitar autographed by the whole band – this is now enshrined in our son’s bedroom in a protective case. Our son eventually acquired a pretty hot Fender guitar, and spent countless hours practicing Eddie’s most famous solo “Eruption”, and mimicking his style and sound.

I drove my son around town a lot – to and from school, to musical rehearsals (by then my son was becoming quite the musician himself), hockey practice, and other activities. As we drove we would listen to the rock stations on the radio. Somehow throughout these travels together, we created this idea that nothing bad can happen when EVH music is on the radio. EVH brings good things!

As my son got his license, his own car, and then moved away to college, every time either of us hears a Van Halen song, we text or call each other and say “Good things are going on!” We both know what that means.

This superstition has been going on for more than a dozen years and it’s never gotten old. In fact, it gets more fun and enjoyable through the years.

Last Christmas we got an iPad for our son, and a custom designed Eddie van Halen iPad shell. The shell resembles the red, white and black designs on Eddie’s guitar.

Redwhiteblacklines1This week our home was broken into and a number of personal items were stolen including my grandmother’s engagement ring from 1933 which was my most sentimental possession, coin collections, and our son’s iPad with the EVH shell. We were crushed. However, within hours of the robbery, the police contacted us to say that they retrieved some of our belongings and arrested the thieves!

How did this happen so fast? They tracked my son’s iPad!

The iPad along with some of our belongings were returned, including my grandmother’s engagement ring. We salute the hard working and smart law enforcement professionals in our county for their fearless pursuit of criminals. We pay homage to EVH, who protected the iPad, and brought the needed luck to pull it all together.

The next time you hear “Panama,” “Hot for Teacher,” or any other awesome Van Halen tune, know that nothing bad can happen when Van Halen is on the radio and case!

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