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Man of Steal (your money and time, that is)

Man of Steel Reviews

All the hype about the new Superman movie is really just compensating for poorly developed characters, unoriginal and stupid plot, and scenes that should never be considered entertainment.

Henry-Cavill-Shirtless-Man-Steel-Set-PicturesLet’s start with character development. Aside from the well developed abs of Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), Man of Steel is a poorly developed Superman movie that should have just gone straight to DVD. Clark Kent is portrayed as a loser, loner, and drifter trying to “find himself.” Since when does finding yourself consist of drifting from place to place and stealing clothes? True, Cavill has a smoking hot bod, especially in the few scenes where we get to see him soaking wet and wearing only low-slung, torn pants. Oh, were we supposed to be swooning? Sorry, but these scenes are too short and don’t add up to meaningful eye candy.

I mourn for the Clark Kent portrayed by the late great Christopher Reeve, who was the total package – body, looks, hair, sense of humor, intelligence, character, and class. Reeve made the character sexy, lovable and respectable. For all his “hotness”, Cavill doesn’t hold a candle to Reeve’s portrayal. And someone please give poor Cavill some acting lessons.

amyadamsCalling Margo Kidder! Please channel some of your charm into Man of Steel’s Lois Lane (Amy Adams). If this was supposed to be a portrayal of a liberated 21st career woman, it’s laughable, as Lois spends much of the movie gazing in awe at Superman with wet eyes, comforting him in his times of need, and getting rescued. Really? I wanted to retch.

Although it was good to see Chris Meloni bounce from his gig on L&O:SVU to the big screen, he was still Detective Elliott Stabler. Poor guy can’t get a break on character development. His Colonel Hardy was a “special victim” of poor writing, and not even Detective Benson can save him from this epic crime.

Then there’s the plot. Or, shall I say, what plot? Aliens trying to take over the world? Done, done and overdone. And the music deep bass monotone note that underscored the “bad” guys. Does no one in Hollywood have an original idea anymore? The whole movie steals ideas from other and better sci-fi classics – War of the Worlds, Star Wars, Star Trek, and you name it. The fight scenes were a hodge podge of ridiculous situations spatchcocked together. And don’t know about you, but I NEVER want to see my hero getting his ass kicked by a girl. Superman finds himself fighting (and losing quite spectacularly) to a female nemesis. I suppose Hollywood thought that was 21st century gender equality at its best. Hollywood needs to think again.

Man of Steel Reviews

401px-Christopher_Reeve_Clark_KentNow let’s look at the actual poor taste of some of scenes which should never be considered entertainment. The fictitious city Metropolis, which looks suspiciously like New York City, suffers from buildings to collapsing and people running and screaming from clouds of smoke and debris. Planes are rammed into buildings, causing more buildings to crumble, and trapping people in piles of twisted steel and concrete. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s a bit too real and close to home, with large portions of the destruction of Metropolis serving as exact replicas of news coverage of actual events of 9/11. I found myself crying during this movie, not for Metropolis, but for the thousands of Americans who perished on 9/11 and were now being mocked by this ridiculous movie. It was cheesy and in poor taste, and this exploitation makes me mad as hell. Was any of this necessary? Is this entertainment? NO WAY.

Bottom line – if you want to see a real Superman, stay home, microwave some Orville Redenbacher, and pop Christopher Reeve’s Superman into your DVD player. Not only will it save you money, it’ll be far more enjoyable and leave you with a warm feeling about how someone can touch the world as a character and human being.