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La Rancherita – Crabtree Valley Mall – Restaurant Review

La Rancherita

La Rancherita – Two Raleigh Locations plus Apex and Morrisville

Mexican food is one of my personal favorites, both for the bold taste and the balanced nutritional value.  Reasonable menu prices at most of them are a great value, as well.  So many Mexican restaurants seem to have identical menus.  Although the menus may look alike, the dishes can vary dramatically.  La Rancherita of Crabtree Valley is exceptional in both the menu and the dishes.

My recent visit was for lunch on a very pleasant day in August.  I sat outside at one of their patio tables.  The customary chips and salsa was delivered to the table in an instant.  The salsa was perfect to my taste, plenty of garlic, cilantro and just enough heat to make my lips tingle.  This salsa was so good, I almost forgot to look at the menu.  When I did, I saw Sincronizada, a dish that is not found an every Mexican menu.  It is my favorite Mexican dish, but only when it is prepared the way I like.   The problem is that no two restaurants prepare it the same way.  I had an exceptionally good Sincronizada several years ago at a restaurant in Greenville, NC.  Since then, every one I’ve had paled in comparison.  That is until now.  La Rancherita hit a home run with this one.  It had all the ingredients in just the right proportions to make it sing in my mouth.  It is a very light dish, perfect for anyone mindful of conservative portion size.  I asked for refried beans in substitution for rice and so glad I did.  The refried beans were absolutely the best I’ve ever eaten.  It was not the bland dish that is the norm at most places.  Instead, these beans were so deliciously spiced that I was tempted to lick my plate.  I had become addicted to them.  Between the salsa, the Sincronizada and the beans, I was blown away.  I can’t wait to find out if other dishes are as exceptional these.  I shall return.  Soon!

The service was spot on.  When I first arrived, the music was a bit loud, but the waitress promptly turned it down upon request.  For the remainder of the visit, the waitress was attentive, checking in just often enough.

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