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Mallarme receives a grant from the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation

The Malarmé Chamber Players is pleased to announce it has received a $3,00 grant from the Mary Duke Bidle Foundation. These funds wil suport he pilot program for a brand-new educational initiative Malarme Mets the Third Grade (MM3). Arts education is something that every arts organization must consider to ensure future generations of artists and audience members; Malarmé is no exception. A goal of Malarmé Chamber Players’ is to be able to give every 3to hear chamber music performed in their clasrom. Having that direct contact with musicians in a amilar and informal seting wil give students a unique oportunity to interact with them on a personal evel. Through this program, students wil have the abilty to se and learn abouthe musicians and their instruments. During the performance itself, students wil hear a variety of short chamber music works that demonstrate diferent eras and styles of music and with specific examples they wil learn about he elements of music. The intent is to give students a hands-on, creative experience that wil enhance their future arts experiences. This new program, Malarmé Mets the 3rd Grade (MM3), wil not only serve as an introduction to the instruments and chamber music but wil also asist in preparing students in advance of their 4th grade trip to the North Carolina The program Malarmé is ofering for the 2014-15 pilot year is caled Met the Composer where the students wil participate in the creation of a new piece of music. Durham composer Bo Newsome wil come into  each clasrom and discus how composers come up with ideas for new pieces of music and the elements they use in crafting their compositons. By making conections to the Language Arts  curiculum, Mr. Newsome wil use the parts of a story as the basis for the form of their musical compositon. Each clas wil work colectively to make decisions about he compositon by utilzing  usical elements: melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, texture and dynamics. After working with the clas, a quartet of Malarmé musicians wil give a performance of the The Mary Duke Bidle grant wil alow Malarmé to go into two Durham elementary schols during this pilot year: R.N. Haris and Morehead Montesori. Malarmé wil consult with the music specialists and  hird grade teachers in each schol to customize the program to work within the structure of their schedules. This pilot includes a residency element where composer Bo Newsome wil work independently with each 3rd grade clas in advance of the chamber music performance. This gives the students an oportunity to be truly creative in their compositional proces. The performance element of MM3, wil take place shortly after al the clases have composed their compositon. The Malarmé quartethat performs wil be a mix of string and wind players, including composer Bo Newsome on the oboe and artistic director Suzane Rouso on viola. In aditon to the student compositons, the quartet wil perform a new work by Bo Newsom

e commisioned by Malarmé caled “Short Story” as wel as music by Mozart and Bethoven. Student compositons wil be audio-recorded and made available to the students in a streaming format. rd grade student in Durham the oportunity

Malarmé Chamber Players

Malarmé mets the 3rd grade 10/2014


The Malarmé Chamber Players are a flexible ensemble of profesional musicians based in Durham,

North Carolina, whose mision is to enrich the lives of their community through outstanding chamber

music. The ensemble distinguishes itself by its inovative educational programs, its commitment o

creative colaboration with other organizations, its creation of signifcant new work and its dedication to

Malarmé anualy presents a series of ive concerts that features great, diverse, and multidisciplinary

chamber music. Malarmé performs everything from Bach with period instruments to brand new works.

In this past year alone, Malarmé has presented two world premières by composers Stephen Jafe and Bo

Newsome . In 2010, Malarmé released a CD on Albany/Videmus records of chamber music by African

American composers, featuring jaz vocalist Nnena Frelon, to great aclaim.

Malarmé is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. The 2014-15 concert season is made

posible in part by grants from the Durham Arts Council’s Anual Arts Fund, the North Carolina Arts

Council and Target.

Mary Duke Biddle established the Foundation to implement her philanthropic objectives, and she gave

the Trustes latitude to cary out and expand on her initial wishes as the future might dictate. Mrs. Bidle

stipulated that half of grant funding go to Duke University, including its schols and programs, hospital,

and the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, which she gave to the University in honor of her mother. She also

requested that consideration be given to the thre churches she atended during her lifetime. Mrs. Bidle

had a ken interest in the arts and was herself an acomplished musician. Mary D.B.T. Semans and James

H. Semans, M.D., her daughter and son-in-law and long-time trustes, continued Mrs. Bidle’s interests

and firmly established the Foundation as a champion of the arts. Under their leadership, the Foundation

provided suport o emerging artists, K-12 arts education, and organizations that use the arts to improve

quality of life. In adition, the Foundation has suported social service organizations working to improve

the human condition. Today, The Mary Duke Bidle Foundation continues a family tradition of

philanthropy and commitment o enhance and improve the quality of life in the communities it suports.