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The fifth annual Champagne Day occurs on Friday, October 24


WASHINGTON –The fifth annual Champagne Day occurs on Friday, October 24, where wine lovers around the globe raise a flute to the quintessential wine of celebration, good cheer and toasts everywhere: Champagne. Not only will there be terrific opportunities for Champagne lovers to celebrate in retail stores, restaurants, bars, but also in spontaneous gatherings with friends. Champagne Day was initially created by wine bloggers to recognize and appreciate the sparkling wine that comes exclusively from Champagne, France. Today, it brings millions of wine lovers worldwide together to celebrate in a host of events, retail opportunities and a large-scale online celebration of all aspects of this unique bubbly.

“Champagne, often the choice for our special occasions, is a wine that evokes merriment, laughter and enduring memories when enjoyed among friends and family,” said Sam Heitner, director of the Champagne Bureau, USA. “Champagne Day offers the perfect opportunity to pop open a bottle and explore the unique qualities these wines have to offer, remembering that while quality wines are made all over the globe, Champagne only comes from Champagne, France.”

Consumers across the U.S. will have many special opportunities to enjoy Champagne with a host of Champagne Day deals at retailers, bars and menu pairings at restaurants and other spontaneous celebrations. The Champagne Bureau, USA is also supporting the large Champagne social media conversation. Wine lovers around the globe are encouraged to blog, tweet, post and share their celebrations with using #ChampagneDay. Consumers can also send a Champagne Day greeting card to send good cheer and spread the word. Visit for information. To find out where some of the events are happening and learn more about the worldwide effort to protect the Champagne name, visit the official Champagne Day event page

About The Champagne Bureau, USA

The Champagne Bureau, USA, is the official U.S. representative of the Comité Champagne, a trade association which represents the grape growers and houses of Champagne, France. The Bureau works to educate U.S. consumers about the uniqueness of the wines of Champagne and expand their understanding of the need to protect the Champagne name. For more information, visit us online at Follow us on Twitter at @ChampagneBureau.