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The North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble

Presented by The North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble

Presented by The North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble

~insightful SOUND~



The North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble proudly presented their performance of insightful SOUND on the stage of the Carolina Theatre April 25th and -26th.

NCYTE’s Artistic Director Gene Medler, and Assistant Director Rachel Teem, brought this high level and captivating show of insightful SOUND to the charming Carolina Theatre.

Insightful SOUND captured the audience with their wide rage of musical numbers from the “Coles Stroll” (choreographed originally in 1950) to the “Shim Sham” (affectionately known as the tap dancers’ national anthem) to the “Condos Brothers’ Indian Routine” (legendary among tap dancers for its speed and difficulty – an audience favorite).

Complementing the NCYTE was live music performed by Robbie Link (on bass), Jim Crew (on piano), and John Hanks (on drums). This live trio complimented all the dance pieces and gave a flavor to each different dance number.

NCTYE, proudly performed with two high level guest artists: Danny Nielson and Nico Rubio.

Danny Nielson, from Calgary, AB, has performed internationally and has stamped his mark on the tap dancing scene. Nico Rubio, from Chicago, is recognized as one of the leading Tap Dancers of his generation. Together, these top dancers entertained the audience with their rhythmical bodies, strong legs and fast use of feet. Danny Nielson and Nico Rubio were definitely a treat for North Carolinians.

A personal favorite of mine were three young performers from NCYTE: Austin Shank, Elissa Sutherland, and Jabu Graybeal. All three dancers from NCYTE should be proud of their performances. In fact, we need to keep our eyes on all of these talented dancers from the NORTH CAROLINA YOUTH TAP EMSEMBLE, as their futures appear very bright.


Written by:

Susie Buck

ISTD: A++,B+, C+, D+

Adjudicator, Choreographer, Dance Coach

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