Jim Breuer and Rich Aronovitch Tore Up The Carolina Theatre of Durham Last Friday Night

Jim Breuer kept the house in stitches all night long (photo by Josh Hofer)
Jim Breuer kept the house in stitches all night long (photo by Josh Hofer)

We anticipated a high-energy, laugh-filled evening with Jim Breuer at The Carolina Theatre of Durham on Friday, May 8th. What we didn’t expect was one-two punch of two truly first-rate comedians.

As expected, Breuer kept the house in stitches. His anecdotes are especially funny, because they keep us off-balance with one laugh after another. His antics, his facial expressions, his impersonations, and the multiple voices and accents add a richness to each scene that he plays out for us. Sound effects? Breuer can make his microphone impersonate a soccer ball, a tennis ball, a shot gun, and anything else that might get bumped or that might deserve a good swift kick.

Who would have thought it possible to milk so much humor out of hair-in-the-shower, grandpa-in-the-back-seat, or lions-on-YouTube?

Jim Breuer began his show by letting any “newbies” know: “I’m gonna look like this the whole show.”

And at the end, he pleased fans of vintage Jim Breuer with a “special guest appearance” by Goatboy and one of his classic dead-on impressions of — sorry, not telling!

The opening act — Rich Aronovitch — was also quite pleasing. Accents and voices seem to come natural to him. Boston, British, Indian, Italian, New York, “Southern” — he slips seamlessly back and forth between them. He has the definitive explanation for why GPS has the voice of an English lady. And he took us quite by surprise when he realized that a group of people that he thought were Italians were actually not Italians. (You had to be there.)

“Time flies when you’re having fun.” Jim Breuer and Rich Aronovitch proved that beyond the shadow of a doubt. Their styles are different; and depending on your cup-of-tea, you might enjoy one more than the other, but you will enjoy them both. If at all possible, catch a performance on this tour. (Dates appear here and here.)

Jim Breuer's opening act, Rich Aronovitch, was also quite pleasing (photo by Josh Hofer)
Jim Breuer’s opening aact, Rich Aronovitch, was also quite pleasing (photo by Josh Hofer)

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JIM BREUER (The Carolina Theatre of Durham May 8 in Fletcher Hall).

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