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The call of Death Cab For Cutie

I’m a major fan of Death Cab For Cutie. I can recite the lyrics to most of their songs and reference the album/EP they appeared on off the top of my head. I can even recall the first time I heard them, these musical stalwarts influencing the 2000’s indie rock scene and summarizing most of my high school listening’s. That being said, it was a pleasure to be in attendance for the show Saturday night at the US Cellular Center in Asheville, NC (thank you again to both Cory Smith and AC Entertainment for the accommodations). This being my second time seeing them perform ever (having previously seen them last year in Raleigh, NC), I could tell from the start that this show would be very entertaining. Everything from the lighting, sound, and the venue itself were all spot on and made the experience that much more memorable.

Ben Gibbard, lead singer of Death Cab For Cutie (photo credit to Patrick Foley & Hannah Flowers).

Ben Gibbard, lead singer of Death Cab For Cutie (photo credit to Patrick Foley & Hannah Flowers).


One thing that stood out was how much dialogue lead singer Ben Gibbard had with the audience and how well they responded to it in kind. He constantly said “Thank you”, emphasizing the band’s appreciation and crediting all of the fans (including a girl behind me who actively screamed, “We love you Ben!” every time a song ended) were the reason why they were on stage in the first place.


Death Cab For Cutie during "Soul Meets Body" (photo credit to Patrick Foley & Hannah Flowers).

Death Cab For Cutie during “Soul Meets Body” (photo credit to Patrick Foley & Hannah Flowers).

My favorite moment from the show was during the performance of “Soul Meets Body”, Gibbard prefaced the song with, “This one is going to have a singalong part!”, and as the buildup to the chorus occurred, all of the lights in the arena went out and the lone sound you could hear was everyone else singing. Suddenly all of the lights came back on, the band took back over, and everyone erupted. This show was everything a fan could have hoped for and then some.

Death Cab For Cutie is currently on tour this summer.

For additional dates and more information on the band, please visit


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