The Ice Merchant by Paul Boor, MD is A Surprisingly Captivating Read

the ice merchant Dr Paul Boor

the ice merchant Dr Paul BoorThe Ice Merchant, a novel from physician-author Paul Boor takes us from upstate New York, down the Mississippi River, and into Galveston, Texas.    Through winding and interesting story, Dr. Boor reveals a few dark secrets in the life of the  central character, Nicholas van Horne and a post-Civil War America.

Mr. van Horne, an enterprising Yankee businessman, who seems to only value the dollar, no matter what it takes quickly, learns  the real value of his life and business, after experiencing setbacks, and bad luck, much of which, one could argue, is well-deserved.  The juxtaposition of greed, philanthropy, and love create an opportunity for Dr. Boor to explore commerce, romance, medicine, geography, history, and grief among other things.   Most notably, although the plot takes place in post-Civil War America, the parallels to today’s news are unmistakable.

The pursuit of a medical breakthrough, romance and slavery (of a different sort) and the immigration of a criminal element are set against the Yankee enterprise of shipping ice from the frozen north to the south.   At times the plot can be a bit convoluted, and the resolution of all the various sub-plots predictable but overall,  you have a story that will keep you turning the pages to see how it goes.

Paul Boor, M.D., is a scientist and professor at Galveston’s medical school, the oldest west of the Mississippi, and home to the highest-level, infectious Bio-Lab. His first novel, The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow, was a modern biomedical thriller acclaimed as “real, raw and on the edge.” In The Ice Merchant, Dr. Boor goes back in time to explore the history of medical research and the body trade, while spinning a tale of romance and human imperfection.

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The Ice Merchant
Publisher: Argo-Navis
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0786754931
ISBN-13: 978-0786754939

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