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Winning… in the Second City


Cast of “THE WINNER OF OUR DISCONTENT”, performing on the mainstage of The Second City in Chicago, IL.

World famous comedy club and Chicago institution, The Second City presents the 105th Mainstage Revue, “THE WINNER… OF OUR DISCONTENT.” The politically themed show debuted just over a month after the most recent election and reflective of its title, the performers project the feelings of disappointment, anger, and fear that the current administration has aroused. President Donald J. Trump serves as a spiritual presence, represented in the form of his son’s The Trump Bros. (hilariously portrayed by actors Paul Jurewicz and Jamison Webb) who gel their hair and migrate through the audience in a campaign-ese attempt to identify with their new constituents, whilst the ensemble cast recreates a Chicago reaction to the nail-biting vote count returns. Another notable skit featured newcomer Shantira Jackson opining about the future of the black populace, declaring Prince as Jesus ruling over a socially accepting and non-judgmental “Black Heaven” in contrast to the Earthbound “White Heaven.” If laughter is the best medicine, you’ll find this show humorous therapy for unsettled minds. With an underlining commentary that is apropos to the times, a two-hour stay will alleviate your worries if not but for an evening spell.

THE WINNER… OF OUR DISCONTENT” is on open run, playing every Tuesday through Sunday on the mainstage at Second City in Chicago, IL. For tickets, please visit

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