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The Stonewater Rapture at Imurj Is Delightfully Humorous and Frighteningly Serious

The Stonewater Rapture stars Matthew Hager and Lexie Braverman (photo by Sarah Guizard)

The Stonewater Rapture stars Matthew Hager and Lexie Braverman (photo by Sarah Guizard)

The Stonewater Rapture by Doug Wright has been making the rounds since it won first in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1984. This one-hour, two-character show, dealing with the conflict between hormonic drives and religious convictions in a small Texas town is currently being performed by Aggregate Theatre Company in the basement of Imurj in downtown Raleigh, NC.

This new theater’s founder, Matthew Hager, states that the company “was created in order to pursue, entice, cultivate, and grow a younger, broader, more diverse theatre audience in the Oak City […] to bring in those who have limited engagement with theatre by offering a palpable, immediate, and provoking experience ….”

This is the inaugural show for the Aggregate Theatre Company, and a funny thing happened along the way. We went to see it on Friday night, a double opening for the show and the theater company and the night of the torrential rain in Raleigh. Midway through the performance, the audience became aware of a huge puddle of water forming beneath our feet; and as many of us were lifting our feet out of the way, it was impossible for the actors to ignore this distraction.

The playwright would have been proud at the aplomb and professionalism of these two young actors, as they improvised through the disruption. They made jokes about Noah’s Ark and other things, and then reverted to the script as it became apparent that the water had reached a peak at about three inches. After several attempts to remove the water completely, the company wisely decided to extend comps to us for the forthcoming shows.

So, we came back Saturday night and watched the entire show undisturbed. We’re very glad we did. Director Jaybird O’Berski keeps a driving pace as two virginal teens wrestle — at a torrid measure — with their intense cravings and their profound religious beliefs. Then, as a sports car can turn on a dime, the action turns from the delightfully humorous to frighteningly serious, revealing the incredible damage their oppressed demands have led them to.

Lexie Braverman and Matthew Hager display disciplined and extensive acting abilities, and create a palpable chemistry so intimate that we tend to feel like window peepers examining something that’s not our business. They are sweet, and demanding of each other. They are brutally honest and lovingly thoughtful at once. And when the turn occurs, they will break your hearts.

The set, which is not credited, is, indeed, creditable, clearly forming a living room and porch of a comfortable house. The lighting by Mia Carson is spot on, reflecting the mood as the action moves.

A powerful background painting of a partial face, entitled “Jesusize” was painted by Sophia Lemieux, and is also for sale to the highest bidder.

Please note that this show has a very short run, ending this Friday, June 23rd. It’s well worth attending, and we wish this brave new company success!

The Stonewater Rapture stars Matthew Hager and Lexie Braverman (photo by Sarah Guizard)

The Stonewater Rapture stars Matthew Hager and Lexie Braverman (photo by Sarah Guizard)

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The Aggregate Theatre Company presents THE STONEWATER RAPTURE at 8 p.m. June 23 at Imurj (beneath Whiskey Kitchen), 300 S. McDowell St., Raleigh, North Carolina 27603.

TICKETS: $10 on June 19th and $15 on June 23rd.


INFORMATION: 919-279-5734 or

SHOW: and


VENUE:,, and



PARENTAL ADVISORY: Aggregate Theatre Company cautions, “[This play is] Not appropriate for children. [It] Contains strong sexual content.

NOTE: There will be a mini-concert, starting at 7:30 p.m., before each performance.


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