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The Illusionists at DPAC Offers Magic and Thrills

<em>The Illusionists</em> include (from left) Colin Cloud, Kevin James, Jeff Hobson, Jonathan Goodwin, and An Ha Lim

Illusionists include (from left) Colin Cloud, Kevin James, Jeff Hobson, Jonathan Goodwin, and An Ha Lim

Everyone loves a magic show, and The Illusionists Live from Broadway, onstage now at Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) is no exception. This clever, fun, and imaginative show is great for viewers of all ages and is definitely not one to miss.

The Illusionists features several performers, each with his own “super power” or special ability. Jeff Hobson, for example, serves as “The Trickster,” relating funny jokes to the audience while also serving as emcee. There’s also Colin Cloud, the Deductionist; Jonathan Goodwin, the Daredevil; Kevin James, the inventor; and An Ha Lim, the manipulator.

Together, these performers launch into a full-on spectacle. And, while there’s a lot to look at and a lot going on onstage, part of the charm of this production is its old-fashioned nature. Sure, the tricks are exciting and fun to watch, but they’re also not overly-elaborate. They are tricks that anyone can enjoy and easily understand, making this a perfect family show.

Cloud’s showmanship, Goodwin’s strength, James’ incredible props, and Lim’s nimble deftness combine to create a spectacular evening that will leave viewers scratching their heads and asking, “How’d he do that?” more than once. And, while this may not be your typical “from Broadway” type of show- it feels more like a Las Vegas attraction- it’s a lively bit of fun that brings something new to the stage and that everyone is sure to enjoy.

The Durham Performing Arts Center presents THE ILLUSIONISTS: LIVE FROM BROADWAY at 2 and 8 p.m. May 12 at 123 Vivian St., Durham, North Carolina 27701, in the American Tobacco Historic District.

TICKETS: $30 and up. Click here for DPAC Special Offers.


DPAC Box Office: 919-680-ARTS (2787),, or

Ticketmaster: 800-982-2787 or

GROUP RATES (15+ tickets): 919/281-0587,, or

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