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The “10 by 10 in the Triangle” Short-Play Festival Delivers 100 Minutes of Humor and Drama

10 by 10 in the Triangle is The ArtsCenter’s 14th annual festival of short plays, and once again the humor is abundant and the drama punches with the power of a Muhammad Ali left jab. This time, they made it 10 by 10 by 10 by 10 by 10 — plays, directors, minutes, actors, and… Read More ›

We Give The ArtsCenter’s “10 by 10” a 10!

The ArtsCenter’s 14th annual 10 by 10 in the Triangle short-play festival is a much-loved Carrboro event that showcases 10 plays of about 10 minutes each from writers from around the country. Thus, it’s the 10×10! The festival features local actors, directors, and set designers from across the Triangle, giving local talent a chance to… Read More ›


The 10-Minute Plays of “10 by 10 in the Triangle” Give ArtsCenter Patrons Their Moneysworth — and More

The ArtsCenter’s 13th Annual 10 by 10 in the Triangle, which bills itself as “an international festival of new ten-minute plays,” is a staple at the Carrboro arts center. This year’s lineup of short plays, performed for an appreciative crowd, includes 10 plays performed by a total of 10 actors. Each play is 10 minutes… Read More ›

The ArtsCenter in Carrboro will present "10 by 10 in the Triangle" on July 18-21

ArtsCenter Stage’s “12th Annual 10 by 10 in the Triangle Festival” Starts Slowly, Then Roars to Life

ArtsCenter Stage’s 12th Annual 10 by 10 in the Triangle Festival starts slowly with the earthbound “My Name Is Yin,” written by San Francisco, CA playwright Tom Swift and directed by Ian Bowater. The author throws everything but the kitchen sink into this 15-minute Theatre of the Absurd-style mashup of comedy and fantasy and God… Read More ›

“10 by 10 in the Triangle” Is a Mixed Bag

ArtsCenter Stage’s 11th annual 10 by 10 in the Triangle short-play festival, which concludes its three-week run on July 19-22 in the center’s Earl and Rhoda Wynn Theater in Carrboro, NC, is a mixed bag of comic one-act plays that range from hilarious to ho-hum.