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Burning Coal’s American Premiere of David Edgar’s Written on the Heart Is Just Superb

Tonight through Dec. 18th, Burning Coal Theatre Company is staging the American premier production of Written on the Heart, British playwright David Edgar’s 2011 dramatization of the writing of the King James Version of The Bible. It is a reminder that during a period of almost a hundred years prior to that book’s composition, the… Read More ›

Jeanine Frost and the ensemble in David Edgar's "The Prisoner's Dilemma" (photo by Jason Dail)

“The Iron Curtain Trilogy” by David Edgar Is as Relevant Today as It Was When It Was Written

British playwright David Edgar wrote the plays The Shape of the Table (1990), Pentecost (1994), and The Prisoner’s Dilemma (2002) between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the experience we know as 9/11. Each has been performed successfully in the past by Burning Coal Theatre Company, and they are now presented in repertory form… Read More ›

The brilliant Burning Coal cast for David Edgar’s "The Shape of the Table" (photo by the Right Image Photography, Inc.)

“The Shape of the Table” by David Edgar Makes Eastern Bloc Politics Personal

Burning Coal Theatre Company‘s brilliant American premiere of “The Shape of the Table” by British playwright provocateur David Edgar eloquently explores many thorny topics, as it follows a Regime Change in a fictional Eastern European country, circa 1989, in which new-found freedoms to speak out and challenge the Official Party Line have opened a veritable Pandora’s Box of class envy, and ethnic hatreds are once again bubbling to the surface, as skinheads and political crackpots launch ugly attacks on minorities and immigrants.

The Burning Coal cast for David Edgar’s "The Shape of the Table" (photo by the Right Image Photography, Inc.)

Burning Coal Will Present the American Premiere of “The Shape of the Table” by David Edgar

Director Jerome Davis says, “‘The Shape of the Table’ is a challenge to a director, I think, because it is a play about big ideas. Young people, older people, all types of people in a room together literally fighting for their lives — but fighting with arguments, with words, with ideas. That excites me. I just love listening to them go at it!”