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The Deep Dish Theater Company cast for "Next To Normal" includes (from left) Lisa Jolley, John Allore, Wesley Miller, and Abigail Coryell, plus Jeffrey Vizcaino (not pictured) (photo by Jonathan Young)

Lisa Jolley Stars as a Troubled Wife and Mother in “Next to Normal” at Deep Dish Theater Company

Critically acclaimed comedienne Lisa Jolley demonstrates an equally fine flair for drama as she sinks her teeth into the juicy role of Diana, a deep troubled wife and mother well acquainted with grief whose sorrows have unhinged her. Alarmed by her personality changes and hallucinations, Diana’s well-meaning husband, Dan (passionately portrayed by John Allore), sends her to a pair of psychiatrists, Dr. Fine and Dr. Madden (each given a distinct disagreeable personality by Mark Ridenour), who try to suppress her symptoms of mental illness and banish her hallucinationss with stronger and stronger medications and, later, with shock treatments that make her more pliable, but at what price?

The Deep Dish cast for "She Stoops to Conquer" includes (from left) Brian Fisher as young Charles Marlow and Amelia Sciandra as Kate Hardcastle (photo by Jonathan Young)

Deep Dish’s Rendition of “She Stoops to Conquer” by Oliver Goldsmith Is Fresh, Frisky, and Very Funny

Deep Dish Theater Company resident director Tony Lea’s whimsical modernistic take on Anglo-Irish dramatist Oliver Goldsmith’s 1773 Comedy of Manners, “She Stoops to Conquer,” is fresh, frisky, and very funny. The key ingredient in Deep Dish’s latest theatrical offering is Lea’s buoyant comic staging combines with scenic designer Kenneth Rowland’s splendid miniature parlor set — with inserts for the tavern and garden scenes — and costume designer David Serxner’s handsome array of vintage 18th century outfits. The latter two add an air of authenticity to the proceedings and heighten the hilarity of this classic comedy of subterfuge, mistaken identity, runaway brides, and an attempted jewel heist, albeit by the jewelry’s rightful owner.

The Deep Dish Theater Company cast of "She Stoops to Conquer" includes (from left) Brett Bolton, Brian Fisher, and George Rady (photo by Jonathan Young)

Oliver Goldsmith’s “She Stoops to Conquer” Is a Perennially Popular 1773 Comedy of Manners

The Deep Dish Theater Company will present “She Stoops to Conquer,” a perennially popular 1773 Comedy of Manners by Anglo-Irish playwright and poet Oliver Goldsmith (1730-74), on Oct. 26-28, Oct. 31-Nov. 4, and Nov. 7-11 and 14-17 in Deep Dish’s performance space between The Print Shop and the Public Library at the Dillard’s end of University Mall in Chapel Hill, NC.

Barbara Bates Smith will premiere "Agate Hill to Appomattox" on June 8-10 at Deep Dish Theatre Company in Chapel Hill

“Agate Hill to Appomattox,” a New One-Woman Show by Barbara Bates Smith, Will Premiere at Deep Dish

Deep Dish Theater Company present will premiere “Agate Hill to Appomattox: Southern Women’s Voices,” a new one-woman show written and performed by Barbara Bates Smith, with music by Jeff Sebens, on June 8-10 in Deep Dish’s performance space between The Print Shop and the Public Library at the Dillard’s end of University Mall in Chapel Hill, NC.