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Derrick Ivey and Lakeisha Coffey star in Wakey, Wakey (photo by Alan Dehmer)

Manbites Dog Theater’s Swansong, Wakey, Wakey, Is a Grand Mix of Beauty and Sorrow, Joy and Fear, Love and Pain and Hope

How does a theater company with 31 years’ worth of stellar productions say goodbye to the community? By choosing a show about saying goodbye as their final presentation. Manbites Dog Theater’s rendition of Wakey, Wakey, written by Will Eno and directed by Jeff M. Storer, is a stream-of-consciousness play that draws the audience in right… Read More ›

Durham Savoyards’ Version of G&S’s Thespis and Trial by Jury Provide a Sweet Escape

Founded in 1963 and named for London’s Savoy Theatre, the Durham Savoyards, Ltd. have achieved the commendable task of staging the entirety of Gilbert & Sullivan’s canon, except the apocryphal Thespis, or the Gods Grown Old, whose score had been long lost. A new score, 12 years in the making, has been delivered by Triangle… Read More ›

Durham Savoyards’ Performance of “Utopia Limited” Captivates Queen Victoria (and Her Subjects)

“Corporations are people!” may be current, but the concept of limited legal exposure and a certain degree of personhood in the organization of business was the subject of the penultimate collaboration between W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. In Utopia, Limited, or The Flowers of Progress, which premiered in October 1893, Zara, the daughter of the… Read More ›

The "Princess Ida" cast included (from left) Carl Johnson as Prince Hilarion, Steve Dobbins as Florian, Ben Neufang as Cyril, and Lee Galbreath as Princess Ida

Setting “Princess Ida” in Outer Space Pays Big Comic Dividends for the Durham Savoyards, Ltd.

Brilliantly relocated from a couple of drafty castles in Victorian England to Outer Space by imaginative and resourceful director and choreographer Derrick Ivey, “Princess Ida” refought this uproarious chapter in the Battle of the Sexes in a visually striking futuristic setting cleverly conceived by set designer Richard Diderikse

The "Princess Ida" cast includes (from left) Carl Johnson as Prince Hilarion, Steve Dobbins as Florian, Ben Neufang as Cyril, and Lee Galbreath as Princess Ida

Durham Savoyards, Ltd. Director Derrick Ivey Sets Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Princess Ida” in Outer Space

“I’ve chosen to set ‘Princess Ida’ in Outer Space,” says director Derrick Ivey. “We’re taking mid-20th-century science-fiction movies as our inspiration. The script actually lends itself beautifully to this concept, but it has opened the floodgates in terms of visual possibilities.”