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The Aug. 4th Eyes Up Here Comedy Showcase Was an Evening Full of Laughs at Neptune’s

According the website Know Your Meme, “My Eyes Are Up Here” is an expression typically used by women to remind men that they should maintain eye contact with the female speaker, instead of staring at her breasts. As a longtime fan of stand-up comedy, we must say that we are always tickled to see very… Read More ›

Kings Raleigh Served CAKE on May 5th, and It Was Delicious, with Four Different Flavors

“Give me a C! Give me an A! Give me a K! Give me an E!” The CAKE Comedy Tour, which played Kings Raleigh on Friday, May 5th, started out in 2012 as “The Pink Collar Comedy Tour.” These are four upbeat, energetic, smart female comics who pull out all stops to make their audience… Read More ›