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Jane Holding and Justin Johnson star in Small and Tired (photo by Alex Maness)

Kit Brookman’s Small and Tired Is an Emotionally Charged Dramedy of Greek Proportions

Ancient Greek dramas and Shakespeare’s plays are presented in new and different ways every year, because they encompass family dramas that continue to feel contemporary. They are stories of dysfunctional families. Think Romeo and Juliet, in which two feuding families can’t even talk to each other (who doesn’t know this story?). Or Antigone, in which… Read More ›

Common Wealth Endeavors Presents Two Unique and Engaging Short Plays

Common Wealth Endeavors is a relatively new theatre company in the Triangle whose mission it is to bring English speaking plays from outside of the US to the American stage. Right now, it’s currently treating viewers to two funny and meaningful short plays, performed back to back. These plays are Jess Sayer’s witty and intriguing… Read More ›

The cast of "Elevator" by New Zealand playwright Jess Sayer includes (from left) Mary Guthrie, Susannah Hough, and Amanda Hahn (photo © Alex Maness)

Common Wealth Endeavors’ Twinbill of “Elevator” and “Contractions” Is Uncommonly Good Theater

Director and founder of Common Wealth Endeavors, Gregor McElvogue says, “… [A] wealth of literature expresses the unique cultures of vastly disparate people in a single common language.” He refers to English-speaking peoples; Common Wealth Endeavors is designed to bring some of the drama of those cultures to our theaters. In their current offering, produced… Read More ›

“Many Moons” Gracefully Tackles a Cultural Taboo

It’s been said that if we could understand the people we fear, we couldn’t help but love them, and that is one of the premises behind Alice Birch’s haunting and beautifully disturbing play, “Many Moons,” being presented for the first time in the United States by new theatre company Common Wealth Endeavors. The subject matter… Read More ›

“The Innocents” is Fresh, Fun, Edgy, and Completely Unmissable

So many of today’s production companies choose to put on “safe” shows—the old standbys that everyone knows and trusts. Even the more daring companies stick a safe show or two into their line-ups, which makes it all the more bold for new company, Common Wealth, to choose a fresh and edgy show for its debut… Read More ›