Richard O’Brien’s Outrageously Campy Cult Musical, “The Rocky Horror Show,” Opens Aug. 17th at RLT

Raleigh Little Theatre will kick off its new five-show Sutton Series with “The Rocky Horror Show,” an outrageously campy and over-the-top PG-13 rated 1973 cult musical with songs and script by Richard O’Brien. The 76-year-old community theater will perform this uproarious rock-and-roll musical in its Cantey V. Sutton Main Stage Theatre on Aug. 17-19 and 23-26 and Aug. 30-Sept. 2, with a special midnight performance on Friday, August 24th.

Tony Hefner as the Roué Lord Brockhurst Steals the Show in “The Boy Friend” at Raleigh Little Theatre

Sarah Moore and Joshua Broadhurst star in “The Boy Friend” as poor little rich girl Polly Browne and her handsome but penniless beau, a messenger boy named Tony; but it is Triangle theater veteran Tony Hefner who steals the show as the aging roué Lord Brockhurst. Hefner, channeling his inner Harpo Marx, is a stitch. He mostly pantomimes his part as a pixilated peer in formal dress who ogles the girls at Mme. Dubonnet’s School for Young Ladies in the Villa Caprice in Nice, France, while dodging the disapproving gaze of his domineering wife Lady Brockhurst (a nice squinty-eyed cameo by Kate Tonner).

Set in the Roaring Twenties, “The Boy Friend” by Sandy Wilson Is a Light-and-Lively Musical at RLT

Raleigh Little Theatre will present "The Boy Friend" on June 8-10, 14-17, and 21-24 in its Cantey V. Sutton Theatre

Long-time Raleigh Little Theatre artistic director Haskell Fitz-Simons will stage a community-theater production of English composer and lyricist Sandy Wilson’s 1954 musical comedy/romance, “The Boy Friend,” on June 8-10, 14-17, and 21-24 in its Cantey V. Sutton Theatre. “The Boy Friend” premiered in 1953 in London’s West End, and made its Broadway debut in 1954.

“The Crucible” by Arthur Miller Is a Cautionary Tale About the Salem Witch Trials’ Rush to Judgment

Raleigh Little Theatre will present "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller on April 13-15, 19-22, and 26-29 in its Cantey V. Sutton Theatre

Raleigh Little Theatre will stage a community-theater presentation of “The Crucible” by American dramatist and essayist Arthur Miller (1915-2005), a cautionary tale about the rush to judgment at the Salem Witch Trials (1692-93), on April 13-15, 19-22, and 26-29. The play is a parable of moral courage in a time of intolerance and mass hysteria, when the criminal justice system was perverted by a few individuals seeking public vengeance and/or private personal gain.

“The Woman in Black” Stage-to-Screen Review: Fear and Loathing at Eel Marsh House!

Raleigh Little Theatre artistic director Haskell Fitz-Simons directed a spine-tingling stage production of “The Woman in Black” last October, so he is intimately familiar with the story and the special effects that might be employed to keep audiences jumping. This critique of “The Woman in Black” is the first of a series of Stage-to-Screen Reviews that Triangle Theater Review will publish from time to time.