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Sonny Kelly’s Solo for StreetSigns, The Talk, Is a Special Show with an Important Message

Bull dogs are marvelous creatures, loyal and loving companions that can prove to be relentless once they get something in their teeth. In this way, Bull Dog Ensemble Theater well lives up to its moniker with the bold presentation of The Talk, co-produced with StreetSigns Center for Literature and Performance, in association with the University… Read More ›

Sonny Kelly Is Amazing in The Talk: Do Not Miss It!

The Talk is a one-man (20-or-so-character) show, written and performed by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill graduate student Sonny Kelly and directed by UNC artist-in-residence Joseph Megel, and co-produced the StreetSigns Center for Literature and Performance and the Bull Dog Ensemble Theater, in association with the UNC Department of Communication. Playing two more… Read More ›

The Gate Theatre will perform "Watt" on Nov. 2nd and 4th in Playmakers Theatre at UNC-Chapel Hill

The Gate Theatre of Dublin Will Present “Watt” and “Endgame,” Two One-Act Plays by Samuel Beckett

“… ‘Watt’ [is] drawn from Beckett’s second published novel in English. … ‘Endgame’ [is] considered one of Beckett’s most important works — second in popularity only to ‘Waiting for Godot’ [1953].