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"Born To Be Wild 3D" opens today exclusively at IMAX theatres.

“Born To Be Wild 3D” At The IMAX

This moving and incredibly immersive film proves that the 3D format when it’s used to capture reality in the wild can be a great thing.

A Christmas Carol at the Wachovia IMAX Theatre at Marbles | Nov 6

Raleigh’s very own musical comedy adaptation of A Christmas Carol, by Theatre in the Park, has been warming hearts since 1974. Some of the production’s beloved characters will be ushering in the holiday season and movie-goers for the opening night of Disney’s A Christmas Carol: An IMAX 3D Experience at the Wachovia IMAX Theatre at Marbles.

Monsters vs Aliens in 3D — IMAX Theatre at Marbles

When California girl Susan Murphy is unwittingly clobbered by a meteor full of outer space gunk on her wedding day, she mysteriously grows to 49-feet-11-inches tall. Alerted to the threat of this new monster, the military jumps into action and Susan is captured and secreted away to a covert government compound. There, she is renamed… Read More ›