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During its NCSU Center Stage performance last weekend, Teatro Hugo & Ines created a character out of two hands, a knee, a nose on a rubber band, and ukulele!

NCSU Center Stage Brought the Wonderful World of Teatro Hugo & Ines’ Puppets to Raleigh April 10-12

We had no expectations last Friday night for N.C. State University Center Stage’s presentation of Teatro Hugo & Ines, but we had one major question: “How can puppets possibly be ‘big enough’ to perform onstage for a theater audience?” The answer came right away. Teatro Hugo & Ines uses a 12′ x 12′ platform, six… Read More ›

Teatro Hugo & Ines create a riot of characters composed of knees, feet, hands, and elbows and a handful of props

Teatro Hugo & Ines Will Transform the Ordinary into the Extraordinary on April 10-12 at NCSU

N.C. State University Center Stage will present Teatro Hugo & Ines on April 10-12 on in the Titmus Theatre in Frank Thompson Hall. NCSU Center Stage says, “Beloved the world over, Peruvian puppeteers Ines Pasic and Hugo Suarez have been transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary for nearly three decades.” Also according to NCSU Center… Read More ›