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007 Back with a Vengeance in “Skyfall”

The wait is over. It’s been four years since James Bond graced the screen in “Quantum of Solace,” a disappointing letdown after the excellent “Casino Royale,” which re-invented 007 as a more rough and tough spy, played by Daniel Craig. The four year period was one of the longest without a Bond film since the… Read More ›

The Man with the Golden Gun

Back when $1 million actually meant something, an assassin who charged this for a confidential “custom” hit, was a big deal. And in 1974, Francisco Scaramanga, (a tall, limber and stately Christopher Lee) was the best: always armed, and worthy of his steep fee an international reputation. As the title song promises: “If you wish to get rid of someone, the man with the golden gun will get it done.”