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Little Green Pig’s Maccountant Is a Bloody, Funny Shakespearean Tale

It’s not a new idea: updating a Shakespearean classic for a modern audience. A change in setting and style can make the language more accessible to our lazy ears. And so it is with Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern’s current production of Maccountant, playing Sept. 3, 8-10, and 15-17 at Common Ground Theatre in Durham…. Read More ›

This Critic Refuses “The Shipment”

Triangle Arts and Entertainment apologizes profusely to Black Ops Theatre, Little Green Pig, and Common Ground Theatre for the “review” previously republished on our site. We are associated with Triangle Theatre Review, a theatre newsletter, in that the publication requests to republish some of its reviews on our site. However, we would NEVER condone a… Read More ›

The Acting Is Superb in Little Green Pig’s Surreal World Premiere of “And the Ass Saw the Angel”

Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern’s world premiere of John Fidel Justice and Jaybird O’Berski’s adaptation of Nick Cave’s novel, And the Ass Saw the Angel, is a surreal telling of the grotesque story of a boy’s life — told through a series of significant episodes. The boy is Euchrid Eucrow (played by Emily Holladay Anderson)…. Read More ›

“And the Ass Saw the Angel” Is Clumsily Adapted But Intriguing

Religion can be confusing, muddled, and even incomprehensible at times. If that is the message that Little Green Pig, in its production of And the Ass Saw the Angel, directed by Dana Marks, and onstage now at Manbites Dog Theater, means to get across, then it succeeds entirely…if only by having an appropriately confusing, muddled,… Read More ›

Manbites Dog Theater will present "Paris 76," an original cabaret directed by Jay O’Berski, on March 19-21 and 26-29 and April 1-4

Manbites Dog Theater’s “Paris 76” Is a Unique, Talented, Mixed Bag of a Show

When Jay O’Berski is at the helm, you know you’re in for a unique experience. The bold and fearless creator of Manbites Dog Theater’s production of Paris 76: An Original Cabaret is the artistic director to the always inventive Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern; and when he moonlights at Manbites Dog, a leading producer of… Read More ›