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Duke senior Thomas Kavanagh plays Unabomber Ted Kaczynski in "The Perfect Detonator," Duke Professor Jody McAuliffe's adaptation of Joseph Conrad's "The Secret Agent," in which Kaczynski's world merges with the world of terrorism and anarchy in 19th century London (photo by Les Todd)

“The Perfect Detonator” by Duke Professor Jody McAuliffe Raises Some Interesting Questions

Is technology making us all mad? Or was it just Ted Kaczynski? Or Joseph Conrad? Or Adolph Verloc? Or are we all just mad? The current Duke Theater Studies production of The Perfect Detonator, adapted and directed by Duke professor Jody McAuliffe from Joseph Conrad’s 1907 novel, The Secret Agent, raises some interesting questions. McAuliffe… Read More ›

Little Green Pig stages "The Birthday Party" on Nov. 3-12 at Common Ground Theatre

“The Birthday Party”: Little Green Pig Stages a Bold New Take on Harold Pinter’s First Full-Length Play

According to Little Green Pig, “[In The Birthday Party,] Kafka comes home to roost in a gripping, uptight celebration that seemingly does not in fact occur on someone’s birthday. As it turns out: psychological terrorism can be hilarious.”

Neal Bell's "Now You See Me" concludes March 23-26 at Manbites Dog Theater

“Now You See Me” Savagely Satirizes Reality TV, But Stumbles When It Gets Romantic

“Now You See Me” is a savage satire of Reality TV’s insidious invasion of the most intimate moments of its subjects’ private lives. Bell’s fictional television series, called “Final Battle,” is tailored to the viewing tastes of the type of people who stop to rubberneck at automobile accidents and airplane crashes.

Neal Bell’s “Now You See Me” Examines Reality TV with a Gimlet Eye

Playwright Neal Bell’s latest play “Now You See Me” takes as its theme America’s obsession with reality television. It is a satire about life, love, and death on TV.