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Theatre Raleigh’s “Other Desert Cities” Starts Strong, But Is Ultimately Unsatisfying

One of the characters in Jon Robin Baltz’s play, “Other Desert Cities,” onstage now through Theatre Raleigh, sums his family, and perhaps all families, up nicely by saying that, “We all live with each other’s divergent truths.” That statement definitely applies in this tense drama centered on the Wyeth family, its secrets, and the pain… Read More ›

Theatre Raleigh's cast for "Other Desert Cities" includes (from left) Maggie Rasnick, Pamela Dunlap, Mark Phialas, Dana Marks, and Charlie Brady (photo by Curtis Brown Photography)

Family Secrets and Lies Are the Subject of Jon Robin Biatz’s 2011 Off-Broadway Play “Other Desert Cities”

The Wednesday, June 18th, opening-night audience for Theatre Raleigh’s production of Other Desert Cities was too often subjected to very low volume, which may have made us miss a lot of the meat of this play. Somehow it never affected us as it was intended to. We felt no affinity for the three main characters;… Read More ›