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Andrew Borba’s Fresh Approach to Julius Caesar Pays Big Dramatic Dividends for PlayMakers

Under Andrew Borba’s direction, PlayMakers Repertory Company’s production of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar strikes a very keen balance between the sometimes conflicting goals of “remaining true to tradition” and “providing a fresh approach.” And the company’s success in this endeavor is strikingly apparent well before the first line is ever spoken. Scenic designer Jan Chambers… Read More ›

Jeremy Fiebig (left) as Cassius and Brian Fisher as Brutus plot Julius Caesar's assassination

Readers Go Ballistic Over “Julius Caesar” Review

My deepest apologies to Jeremy Fiebig, a fine actor and an even finer person, according to all reports. He plays the pivotal role of Cassius, the straw that stirs the drink in the assassination conspiracy in The Justice Theater Project’s current production of Julius Caesar — and he plays the part with distinction. But in… Read More ›

Abridge Too Far: The Justice Theater Project Murders Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

William Shakespeare’s plays may be Public Domain, and therefore FREE to produce — and ruthlessly abridge — without paying royalties; but they are deceptively difficult to stage successfully. Not many community theaters in the Triangle or elsewhere have the capability to pull it off or a talent pool deep enough to communicate the power and poetry in the dialogue of the Immortal Bard’s timeless tragedies. Sadly, such is the case with The Justice Theater Project’s current ill-conceived and at times horribly miscast presentation of “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.”