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Wry Plot Twists and Poignant Human Truths Make BCTC’s King Charles III a Must-See Show

British playwright and screenwriter Mike Bartlett has assumed the role of The Bard to pen King Charles III, a “historical” play in blank verse and rhyming couplets, written in the Shakespearean style. It is a remarkable homage to the greatest English playwright, incorporating drifts into humor, bawdy puns, poignant human truths, and wry plot twists… Read More ›

The Deep Dish Theater Company cast for "Journey's End" by R.C. Sheriff includes (from left) Max Bitar, Eric Carl, Gus Allen, and Carl Martin (photo by Jonathan Young)

The Deep Dish Cast of “Journey’s End” by English WWI Vet R.C. Sheriff Is Incredibly Talented

Deep Dish Theater Company’s intimate Friday-night performance of Journey’s End, directed by Karen O’Brien, offered a riveting revelation of the often-overlooked mental wars and demons fought by soldiers. English playwright and World War I veteran R.C. Sherriff’s 1928 play maintains a pleasant balance between heavy emotional material and comedic relief. The story takes place in… Read More ›