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The Acting in N.C. State University Theatre’s Gross Indecency Is First-Rate, and So Are the Set, Lighting, and Costumes

In 1895, when N.C. State University Theatre’s collegiate production of Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde is set, Oscar Wilde was at the pinnacle of his fame. The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890) was well received, and his work had met with critical acclaim. Two of his plays, The Importance of Being Earnest… Read More ›

NCSU's TheatreFest 2016 production of The Hollow stars (from left) Alison Lawrence as Gerda Christow, Jonathan King as John Christow, and Marisa Markoch as Henrietta Angkatell (photo by Ron Foreman)

The Hollow by Agatha Christie Is Cool Summer Entertainment for TheatreFest Fans

N.C. State University Theatre’s annual treasure, TheatreFest, this year celebrates mystery queen Agatha Christie, kicking off with a fun-filled production of The Hollow. A gathering for the weekend of family and friends of Sir Henry Angkatell K.C.B., and his Ladyship Lucy, at their home, “The Hollow,” goes a bit awry when someone is shot to… Read More ›

The Hollow Starts TheatreFest 2016 Off with a Bang!

Thursday night. Frank Thompson Hall. Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre. Sold out opening night of N.C. State University Theatre’s TheatreFest 2016. This year’s theme: “A Salute to the Queen of Mystery.” That queen is, of course, Dame Agatha Christie (1890-1976). This year’s TheatreFest consists of three Christie-inspired productions: The Hollow (written by Christie in 1951, based on… Read More ›

TheatreFest’s “Wait Until Dark” Is a Real Nail-Biter

Wait Until Dark, now playing in the Kennedy-McIlwee StudioTheatre as part of University Theatre at N.C. State’s TheatreFest 2015, is 1960s thriller about a newlywed, Susy Hendrix, who was recently blinded in an accident. Susy and her husband, Sam, live in a basement flat in New York City, where the sunny Susy is learning the… Read More ›

“Murder at the Howard Johnson’s” Makes Death Hilarious

“People like us don’t kill people. We’re much too middle class for that,” says Paul Miller (Michael Brocki) shortly after being hit with the doubly-bad news that his wife, Arlene (Flynt Burton), is having an affair with their dentist, Mitchell (Chris Burner), and that the two plan to murder him if he won’t agree to… Read More ›