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Sheila Callaghan’s Crumble at Burning Coal Provides a Unique and Refreshing Perspective on Coping with Sorrow and Grief

The North Carolina Women’s Theatre Festival is a month-long celebration of plays written and directed by women. The plays produced for the festival feature diverse casts with diverse viewpoints, and showcase unique fare throughout the Triangle. The first show in this year’s lineup did not disappoint. Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake), written by Sheila… Read More ›

Worried stars (from left) Lebone Moses, Timika Hockaday-Brodie, Julia Drayton, Gerard M Williams, Emelia Me-Me Cowans-Taylor, Aya Wallace, Lucia Foster, Justin W. Peoples, Vincent Drayton, Ra'Chel Fowler, Viral Trivedi, Sean Wellington and Darryel Washington

Renée A. Nixon’s Worried at Burning Coal Is Entertaining, Enlightening, and Rewarding

Big or small, important or trivial, we’ve all got something that worries us. And so did a “baker’s dozen” of characters in Renée A. Nixon’s Worried, a new play that opened Friday night as part of Burning Coal Theatre Company’s “Wait Til You See This” second-stage series. In addition to entertainment, this play has a… Read More ›

Wry Plot Twists and Poignant Human Truths Make BCTC’s King Charles III a Must-See Show

British playwright and screenwriter Mike Bartlett has assumed the role of The Bard to pen King Charles III, a “historical” play in blank verse and rhyming couplets, written in the Shakespearean style. It is a remarkable homage to the greatest English playwright, incorporating drifts into humor, bawdy puns, poignant human truths, and wry plot twists… Read More ›

Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart Beats Strongly at Burning Coal

RATING: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ In 1991, playwright Tony Kushner employed AIDS as an invisible force that sends his Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes characters pinballing around New York and into each other’s lives. In 1992, the disease’s effects put the bitter in the bittersweet second act of the musical… Read More ›

The Normal Heart by Larry Kramer Is a Hard and Honest Story of Panic, Resolve, Fear, and Genuine Love

“This production is part of a three-pronged effort to bring to public awareness the continuing health issues surrounding AIDS by Burning Coal Theatre Company, the United Arts Council of Wake County and Raleigh, and the Alliance of AIDS Services – Carolina…,” according to the program for Burning Coal Theatre Company’s production of The Normal Heart… Read More ›