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Museum party features kickin bluegrass, finger-lickin BBQ | Apr 10

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences hosts “Bluegrass & Barbeque” on Saturday, April 10 from 7 to 10pm. Tap your toes to live bluegrass music from the Kickin Grass Band, indulge in delicious barbecue from Kings Restaurant, and bid on vacation getaways and other interesting items at the Silent Auction. All proceeds benefit the Educators of Excellence Fund, a Museum program that provides unique continuing education opportunities for science teachers across the state.

Poison Dart frog, Photo by Jacob Kirkland

Museum’s annual Reptile & Amphibian Day turns up the heat | Mar 13

Hold your first snake or check out some of the first reptiles ever, 230-million-year-old fossilized creatures found in the quarries of nearby Chatham County

Museum hosts lecture on importance of sharks | Mar 9

Discover “Why Sharks Matter: The Ecological and Economic Importance of Sharks, Threats They Face, and How You Can Help” when the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh welcomes shark conservation biologist David Shiffman on Tuesday, March 9 at 7pm. Reserve your seat now for this multimedia presentation by visiting or calling the… Read More ›

The Giant Gila Monster | Mar 5

Only the Museum of Natural Sciences could breed such an enormous beast Devouring people as if they were flies, cult B-movie classic “The Giant Gila Monster” crawls onto the big stage at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh on Friday, March 5 at 7 p.m. When a podunk Texas town finds… Read More ›

“Something wonderful is about to happen” at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences | Feb 5

In the very near future a small group of Americans and Russians set out on the greatest adventure of them all … To see if there is life beyond Glenwood South. The answer is yes, when “2010: The Year We Make Contact” comes to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences on Friday, February 5… Read More ›