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“Brighton Beach Memoirs” Is Another Big Hit for NRACT

North Raleigh Arts & Creative Theatre’s (NRACT) production of Brighton Beach Memoirs is a delightful guilty pleasure. The story, written by Neil Simon, follows young Eugene Jerome, played to comic perfection by Leo Brody, through the trials of growing up in 1930s Brooklyn. The action takes place in Eugene’s overcrowded home, where he lives with… Read More ›

Don’t Dress For Dinner is Silly Comedy for Smart People

Don’t Dress For Dinner charms viewers with its puttering plays on words, its completely likable cast, and its incredibly spacious and detailed converted farmhouse set. The humor here is clever – even when things get ridiculous – and carefully avoids anything overly hokey.

NRACT’s Robin Hood is Full of Family Fun

Robin Hood is a wonderful choice for strong, young performers, and the child actors of NRACT (North Raleigh Arts & Creative Theatre) get it just right in this uproarious production of the comedy by Larry Blamire. Directed to perfection by Kendra Thomas, the diverse young cast features twenty students of all ages. Maximillian Thomas makes… Read More ›