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"Oh, the Humanity and Other Exclamations" ends Dec. 18th

“Oh, the Humanity and Other Exclamations” Wallows in Existential Angst

Various and sundry vividly drawn 21st century characters perform a verbal striptease for the audience’s amusement. They lay bare their souls – often in very public places — by simultaneously giving voice to their uncensored internal monologues as well as their much more circumspect external monologues. The only problem is, some of these characters wear out their welcome long before their sketches are over.

Oh the Humanity, and other exclamations Falls Flat

Life is hard and lonely for everyone. We all feel desperate sometimes. We all die. These are all messages central to Will Eno’s collection of five short plays appropriately titled Oh the Humanity, and other exclamations. While there is nothing really wrong with Manbites Dog Theater Company’s presentation of the play, there isn’t much to… Read More ›