Roman Pearah and Matthew Hager Are Hilarious as the Title Character and His Mark in “The Liar”

Matthew Hager (left) and Roman Pearah star as Cliton and Dorante (photo by Jonathan Young)

Deep Dish Theater Company’s current presentation of The Liar, adapted by David Ives from the 1644 comedy Le Menteur by 17th century French playwright Pierre Corneille (1606-84), is — in turn — based on La verdad sospechosa (1634) by Spanish dramatist Juan Ruiz de Alarcón (c. 1580-1639). A comic masterpiece that was not acceptable by… Continue reading Roman Pearah and Matthew Hager Are Hilarious as the Title Character and His Mark in “The Liar”

“The Landing” Is Three Short Musicals in One

The Landing, which is making its regional premiere at Deep Dish Theater Company in Chapel Hill, is an interesting mixture of three different musicals, with the same cast of four very talented actors, each playing a new and different character in each segment, held together by musical and philosophical themes. The music of John Kander,… Continue reading “The Landing” Is Three Short Musicals in One

“Arcadia” Is a Delightful Romp That Spans Centuries

Arcadia, now playing in Deep Dish Theater Company’s small black-box theater in what was formerly the Dillard’s end of Chapel Hill’s University Mall, is an erudite comedy, filled with mystery, plot twists, clever dialogue, and literary and scientific references. Some scholars call it Czech-born British dramatist and screenwriter Sir Tom Stoppard’s finest work; and Deep… Continue reading “Arcadia” Is a Delightful Romp That Spans Centuries

Lisa Jolley Stars as a Troubled Wife and Mother in “Next to Normal” at Deep Dish Theater Company

Critically acclaimed comedienne Lisa Jolley demonstrates an equally fine flair for drama as she sinks her teeth into the juicy role of Diana, a deep troubled wife and mother well acquainted with grief whose sorrows have unhinged her. Alarmed by her personality changes and hallucinations, Diana’s well-meaning husband, Dan (passionately portrayed by John Allore), sends her to a pair of psychiatrists, Dr. Fine and Dr. Madden (each given a distinct disagreeable personality by Mark Ridenour), who try to suppress her symptoms of mental illness and banish her hallucinationss with stronger and stronger medications and, later, with shock treatments that make her more pliable, but at what price?

The Best Laid Plans Go Hilariously Awry in Alan Ayckbourn’s Sci-Fi Comedy “Henceforward…”

"Henceforward..." by Sir Alan Ayckbourn will run April 27-29 and May 2-6, 9-13, and 16-19 at Deep Dish Theater Company

Chapel Hill, NC-based Deep Dish Theater Company is concluding its 11th season this spring with a delightfully dark early science-fiction comedy by prolific English dramatist and stage director Sir Alan Ayckbourn (“Absurd Person Singular,” “The Norman Conquests” trilogy, “Bedroom Farce”). “Henceforward…” (1987) is set in a besieged apartment block on the outskirts London in a decidedly dystopian near-future time when gangs of marauding teenaged skinheads terrorize the suburbs of the British capital.