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NRACT’s Eye-Opening Presentation of Pearl Cleage’s Bourbon at the Border Is an Education As Well As a Must-See Show!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This review was prepared with assistance from Jennifer Greene. — KB Imagine the scars that you would bear if you had been brutally abused — physically, mentally, and emotionally — by the police. Worse yet: imagine living 30 years with an open, festering, psychological wound pulsating just below the surface as you try… Read More ›

The Cast of NRACT’s Rendition of Pearl Cleage’s Bourbon at the Border Is Simply Wonderful

The North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre’s presentation of Bourbon at the Border, written by Pearl Cleage and directed by Natasha A. Jackson, is an important look into several troubling events in recent American history and how their effect lives on. It is a powerful display of the scars carried by a quartet of middle-aged… Read More ›

NCCU Students Gave Strong, Nuanced Performances in Blues for an Alabama Sky

Pearl Cleage’s Blues for an Alabama Sky, recently produced by the N.C. Central University Department of Theatre, is set in 1930s Harlem, as the Great Depression was stalling the 1920s African-American cultural movement known as the Harlem Renaissance and making things (as one of the characters says) “tough all over.” In this “two hours’ traffic,”… Read More ›