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“VALPARAISO” BY DON DeLILLO | June 18 – July 23

Delfina (Lisa Levin) and Teddy (Kevin Roberge) take Michael and Livia on the final leg of their journey,” says Mirro. “Along the way, flight attendants (Noelle Barnard and Nancy Jones) remind us of Michael’s flight, and provide clues to the trip

Dark Glass by Ira David Wood III | May 16

The public is invited to a first reading of Mr. Wood’s new script, Dark Glass, on Sunday afternoon, May 16th beginning at 4 pm at Theatre In The Park, 107 Pullen Road, Raleigh.
You will leave the theatre wondering did US astronauts land on the moon or was the landing staged here on earth?

Reading of award winning “Finding Clara” and Fund Raising Gala | Nov 1

Parallel stories of a fictional mill worker and the real life of silent screen star Clara Bow unfold against the explosive background of pre-depression 1929 America.

It’s a Wonderful Life | Dec 4-7

Cary Players Announces Production of It’s A Wonderful Life, a 1940’s Style Radio Drama Family-oriented show one of many downtown Cary holiday events. Cary Players announces the production of It’s A Wonderful Life as a 1940’s style live radio drama to be performed December 4-7, 2009, at the unique and spacious Town of Cary Council… Read More ›


The tales of Medea and Antigone smash together in this visceral and haunting story that begs the question: “Can we ever let go?” Johannah Maynard, co-artistic director of The Distillery and creator of Flee This Place, has delved deep into the psyches of the characters of these two stories and has provided a hellish world for them to relive their demons over and over again.