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Andrew Borba’s Fresh Approach to Julius Caesar Pays Big Dramatic Dividends for PlayMakers

Under Andrew Borba’s direction, PlayMakers Repertory Company’s production of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar strikes a very keen balance between the sometimes conflicting goals of “remaining true to tradition” and “providing a fresh approach.” And the company’s success in this endeavor is strikingly apparent well before the first line is ever spoken. Scenic designer Jan Chambers… Read More ›

Everybody Needs to See PlayMakers Rep’s Everybody. What a Piece of Work!

Everybody, written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and directed by Orlando Pabotoy, as they say, “has it all!” An adaptation of the medieval English morality play Everyman, this current production of PlayMakers Repertory Company offers a poignant reminder of the rich history of theater-in-English while, at the same time, fulfilling the all of the past-and-present goals of… Read More ›

PlayMakers’ Everybody Is a Wild, Intriguing Ride

Some plays have been performed for decades. Branden Jobs-Jenkins’ play, Everybody, has been around a lot longer than that though- at least in some form. Acting as an (incredibly likeable) usher/guide for the evening, Kathryn Hunter-Williams explains that what the audience is about to view is an adaptation of an ancient morality play called Everyman,… Read More ›

PRC2 Delivers Again with The Amish Project

“This just in: Gunman enters Amish school and opens fire.” “There’s a fresh hell waiting for you and your sicko husband.” Imagine this: you attend a play that centers on a community’s reactions to a mass shooting at a school, and you leave the theater feeling strangely uplifted! PlayMakers Repertory Company’s Jan. 8-12 production of… Read More ›

PlayMakers’ Ragtime Is Immersive and Impacting

Ragtime, based on the E.L. Doctorow novel and written by Terrence McNally, is a popular show. However, even viewers familiar with this classic have never seen it quite the way it’s brought to life on the PlayMakers‘ stage as reimagined by inventive director Zi Alikhan. Featuring a unique 360° viewing experience courtesy of scenic designer… Read More ›