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Burning Coal's outdoor dramas explore local history

Ian Finley’s “Ghosts of Fayetteville Street” Teaches Lessons in Local History

Burning Coal Theatre Company teamed up with Raleigh City Museum over Halloween weekend to present “The Ghosts of Fayetteville Street.” The unique walking-tour experience started at the museum and took viewers all the way to the State Capitol building. Unfortunately, the show’s title proved to be misleading. There were no scares or thrills along the way, just a history lesson presented through a series of monologues given by seven actors, with most of them playing multiple roles.

Jason Craighead Self and System


“This piece is commenting on education and the renewal of belief in the human self, how we lose it in our educational system and our efforts to achieve ‘status,’ then find ourselves feeling empty, even worthless, by this society’s definition. Returning focus to the self and not the struggle can bring about a community that works collectively and honestly. Less division and competition….no more good, better, best….education vs. inspiration.”

Fairy Fun

Vanessa Rumaz Boyd began drawing fairies for fun, and now she has used her skills as a graphic designer (she is the founder of to make them accessible to others. Five fairies have been created, each one growing more intricate in detail and design. Marostica, her first fairy, was originally designed for a friend… Read More ›