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The cast of "Bridesmaids" opening today at a Triangle multiplex near you.

As a loser Maid of Honor, Kristen Wiig wins out in “Bridesmaids”

Ignore the accusations of this movie being a female version of “The Hangover” and the superficial resemblance to such chick flick crap as “Bride Wars,” because “Bridesmaids” is an extremely funny movie that really deserves to make Kristen Wiig a star.

The cast of "Your Highness" now playing at a Triangle area multiplex near you.

“Your Highness” – A Medieval Misfire With Nary A Laugh In Sight

Danny McBride, James Franco, and Natalie Portman go medieval on audience’s asses in this comedy misfire.

Russell Brand as Arthur and Helen Mirren as Hobson in Warner Bros. production of "Arthur"

“Arthur” Isn’t Completely Artless, But It Is Annoying

The one and only improvement that this remake of the fine but slight 1981 Dudley Moore comedy contains is that rich drunken playboy Arthur Bach doesn’t cackle obnoxiously at his own jokes throughout the entire movie…

Luis Tosar and Gael García Bernal in "Even The Rain" (2010) now playing in the Triangle.

“Even The Rain”: Surviving the Water Wars Cinematically

“Even The Rain” is a powerful film that illustrates just what it means to survive, whether through cinema or through the strength of one’s convictions.

The Man with the Golden Gun

Back when $1 million actually meant something, an assassin who charged this for a confidential “custom” hit, was a big deal. And in 1974, Francisco Scaramanga, (a tall, limber and stately Christopher Lee) was the best: always armed, and worthy of his steep fee an international reputation. As the title song promises: “If you wish to get rid of someone, the man with the golden gun will get it done.”