Can a Victim’s Mother’s Tears Thaw a Killer’s Heart of Ice in “Frozen” at Raleigh Ensemble Players?

The "Frozen" cast includes (from left) Whitney Griffin, Staci Sabarsky, and Eric Morales

Can a mother’s tears thaw a killer’s heart of ice? British playwright Bryony Lavery’s provocative 1998 play, “Frozen,” asks that very question. Nancy (portrayed for Raleigh Ensemble Players by Staci Sabarsky) is the anguished British mother of a missing child, 10-year-old Rhona, whom she fears has fallen victim to Ralph (Eric Morales), a now-imprisoned and seemingly remorseless pedophile and serial killer who preyed on preteens in Nancy’s neighborhood.

“Frozen,” a Provocative Play About an Unspeakable Crime and Its Aftermath, Starts March 16th at REP

Raleigh Ensemble Players will present "Frozen" on March 16-18, 22-25, and 29-31 at 213 Fayetteville St. in downtown Raleigh, NC

Angry, humane and compassionate, “Frozen” is an extraordinary play that entwines the lives of a murderer, the mother of one of his victims, and his psychologist to explore our capacity for forgiveness, remorse, and change after an act that would seem to rule them out entirely.

Annie Baker’s 2010 OBIE Award-Winning Dramedy “Circle Mirror Transformation” Disappoints

Raleigh Ensemble Players' production of "Circle Mirror Transformation" runs Feb. 17-19 and 23-26 and March 2-4 at 213 Fayetteville St.

Unfortunately, the characters of “Circle Mirror Transformation” are merely the usual suspects: a bewildered and angry soon-to-be-ex-husband trying to regain his confidence with women, the sexy gal on the rebound from a romance turned toxic, the surly teenaged girl who wants to be a star, the outwardly cheerful acting-class teacher smiling through her tears, and her genial husband taking the class to try to heal the growing fissure between himself and his second wife.

“Circle Mirror Transformation” by Annie Baker Is a Delightful 2010 OBIE Award-Winning Comedy

Raleigh Ensemble Players' production of "Circle Mirror Transformation" runs Feb. 17-19 and 23-26 and March 2-4 at 213 Fayetteville St.

When four lost New Englanders who enroll in Marty’s six-week-long community-center drama class begin to experiment with harmless games, hearts are quietly torn apart, and tiny wars of epic proportions are waged and won. [‘Circle Mirror Transformation’ is a] beautifully crafted diorama, a Petri dish in which we see, with hilarious detail and clarity, the antic sadness of a motley quintet.

“Struwwelpeter: A Haunting” Offers Plenty of Gasps and Giggles for REP Patrons Aged 12 and Up

"Struwwelpeter: A Haunting" opens on Oct. 8th and runs through Halloween

Inspired by and based upon a series of stories and pictures drafted by Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann in 1844 as a Christmas present for his three-year-old son, “Struwwelpeter: A Haunting” offers audience members plenty of gasps and giggles as they journey through the stories and consider the implications of such tales ….