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Comically Challenged

Common Ground Theatre Provides a Showcase for the “Comically Challenged” to Test Their Routines

Eight new comedians converged at the Common Ground Theatre on June 14th to share their talents and dip their toe into the often cold waters of the performing world in a show entitled Comically Challenged, produced by Rus Hames. One woman and seven men braved those waters and received the benefit of testing their routines… Read More ›

The "Why Torture Is Wrong" cast includes (from left): Rachel Klem as Hildegard, Jeff Alguire as Zamir, Jennifer Evans as Loony Tunes, and Larry Evans as Leonard (photo by Ghost & Spice Productions)

“Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them” Is Savage Satire by Christopher Durang

Christopher Durang turns political humor upside down with this raucous and provocative satire about America’s growing homeland “insecurity.” “Why Torture is Wrong …” tells the story of a young woman suddenly in crisis: Is her new husband, whom she married when drunk, a terrorist? Or just crazy? Or both?