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In “Johnny Johnson,” Johnny Came Home Damaged — Really Damaged — from the War to End All Wars

Kenan Theatre Company guest director Serena Ebhardt and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill music professor Dr. Tim Carter succeeded beyond our already high expectations in bringing Paul Green and Kurt Weill’s 1936 production of Johnny Johnson, to the stage in the Elizabeth Price Kenan Theatre in the UNC Center for Dramatic Art. The… Read More ›

“Johnny Johnson” Is a Harsh Reminder That the “War to End All Wars” Didn’t

Those soldiers are gone now, but many of us remember our grandfathers and the proud veterans who paraded on Armistice Days in towns around America, and still the war continues. The “war to end all wars” ended up spawning more wars. But thanks to Serena Ebhardt and Dr. Tim Carter, Johnny comes marching home again… Read More ›

Theatre Raleigh is presenting "Blood Done Sign My Name," written and performed by Mike Wiley, with gospel singer Mary D. Williams (right) (photo by Curtis Scott Brown Photography)

“Blood Done Sign My Name” Is a Hard-Hitting Script, Powerfully Performed by Playwright Mike Wiley

Author Timothy B. Tyson’s memoir of racial tensions in Oxford during the 1960s and 1970s has been adapted for stage by Mike Wiley, an actor and playwright based in Raleigh, NC. Blood Done Sign My Name is the second in this year’s Theatre Raleigh “Hot Summer Nights” series. As the real-life Eddie McCoy, who attended… Read More ›

"In One Era and Out the Other" opens Aug. 5th

“In One Era and Out the Other” Stars Serena Ebhardt in a Patriotic History of the U.S. from 1901 to 2001

“As a lark, I created and began performing a simpler version of ‘In One Era and Out the Other’ in 2004,” says Serena Ebhardt. “Since then, the idea has grown into a full-fledged production that includes a comprehensive history of the United States from 1901 to 2001.”