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"Mary's Wedding" stars Myles Bullock and Carey Cox (photo by Andrea Akin)

“Mary’s Wedding” at PlayMakers Rep Is a Wistful Story, Beautifully Told, About Love, War, and Regret

PlayMakers Repertory Company’s PRC 2 production of Mary’s Wedding, directed by Cody Nickell, is a dream play told from the mind’s eye of memory. It takes place on the eve of Mary’s wedding, with Mary (played by Carey Cox) telling the audience about a recurring dream that she has about Charlie (played by Myles Bullock),… Read More ›

“Mary’s Wedding” stars Myles Bullock and Carey Cox (photo by Andrea Akin)

“Mary’s Wedding” Is Hauntingly Beautiful

Stephen Massicotte’s Mary’s Wedding, directed by Cody Nickell and currently onstage as party of Playmakers Repertory Company’s second stage series, PRC2, is a non-linear play that tells the story of a pair of young people who fall in love. Innocent and doe-eyed Mary (Carey Cox) meets and quickly falls head-over-heels in love with Charlie (Myles… Read More ›

PlayMakers Repertory Company will present "Mary's Wedding" by Stephen Massicotte on April 29-May 3 in the Elizabeth Price Kenan Theatre at UNC-Chapel Hill

WWI Separates Lovers in Stephen Massicotte’s Haunting 2002 Dream Play, “Mary’s Wedding”

In Canadian actor, playwright, and screenwriter Stephen Massicotte’s haunting 2002 two-character “dream play,” Mary’s Wedding, the advent of World War I (1914-18), and the upsurge of patriotic fervor, separates two star-crossed lovers: a Canadian farm boy and the girl that he leaves behind when he marches off to fight in a conflict that was foolishly… Read More ›

"Mary's Wedding," which stars Matthew Hager and Caitlin Davis will complete its two-week run on Jan. 19-22 at Burning Coal Theatre in Raleigh, NC (photo by Brittany Kearns)

Young Matthew Hager and Caitlin Davis Give Poignant Performances in “Mary’s Wedding” at Burning Coal

Poignant performances by recent college graduates Caitlin Davis (UNC-Greensboro, 2011) and Matthew Hager (UNC-Chapel Hill, 2011), under the sure-handed direction of Joshua Benjamin, make the current Burning Coal Theatre Company production of the bittersweet romance “Mary’s Wedding” by Canadian dramatist Stephen Massicotte truly an affair to remember.

In Stephen Massicotte’s Dream Play “Mary’s Wedding,” World War I Separates Two Lovers

Playwright Stephen Massicotte writes, “… [‘Mary’s Wedding’] was going to be a war play [about the War to end All Wars]. However, I was in love when I wrote it and I thought it was more of a love to end all loves. This is not that love story but the more I loved her, the more Mary and Charlie loved each other. The more I longed to return to her, the more they longed to return to each other. So the war play became a love story. I wrote it to forget her and to get her back and to remember her and to let her go.”