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Legend of Zelda Symphony Brings Gamers to DPAC

“Din… With her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land and created the red earth… Farore… With her rich soul, produced all life forms who would uphold the law… Nayru… Poured out her wisdom onto the land, and gave it the spirit of law… The Great Deku Tree, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Nintendo… Read More ›

Philharmonic Association Hopes to Open Center for Youth Music

The Philharmonic Association has been a valuable asset to the Triangle’s young people for over twenty years. This group helps to foster and nurture the love of great music in young musicians by sponsoring five musical ensembles: three full symphony orchestras, a jazz ensemble, and a newly formed string orchestra. The groups include young musicians… Read More ›


In 1999, young virtuosos from different cultures gathered around a musical score for their fondness for chamber music. The specific sonority of the Brussels Chamber Orchestra, as well as an extremely profound stylistic research is the result of this union. Indeed, this group brings together six nationalities, each individual bringing their own country’s cultural sensitivity, forging a fabulous covenant between Asian discipline and European fantasy.

Happy Birthday to Maxine Swalin: 106 Years Old Today!

For readers who may be new to North Carolina, Maxine Swalin, along with her husband Dr. Benjamin F. Swalin, famously revived a floundering North Carolina Symphony in the late 1930s. Through their efforts, the orchestra became known for its innovative music education programs and is now recognized as one of America’s rising symphony orchestras. “Maxine… Read More ›