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Saving Mr. Banks

Save Us from “Mr. Banks”

So. This is where contemporary cinema is at. Remakes, sequels, reboots, anything guaranteed to bring in X amount of money. Now, we’re seeing the logical progression of this safe method of filmmaking. Instead of making films like “Mary Poppins” that capture our imagination, we get movies about the making of classics like that. Last year,… Read More ›

“Captain Phillips” Is an Exciting True Thriller

There’s something romantic about the pirates of yesteryear. They used to be cool. Even had a Golden Age. Learning about Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, Captain Kidd and the like was fun. Even the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” was enjoyable enough. But pirates nowadays are scary. Mean. Living on the ragged edge. Back in their day,… Read More ›


“Flight” Hits Some Turbulence

In “Flight,” Denzel Washington unapologetically drinks, smokes marijuana, snorts cocaine, lies, convinces others to lie on his behalf and pretty much acts like an awful human being for the entire film. The only thing he does do right is crash an airplane. And oh, what a crash it is. In one of the most suspenseful… Read More ›

Cloud Atlas

Everything is Connected in “Cloud Atlas”

Everything is connected in “Cloud Atlas,” and while the times may change, the things that make people good or evil doesn’t. It may take some people a few lifetimes to get it right, but in the end, everyone has a chance at redemption.