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Justice Theater Project’s Version of The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess Is a Must-See Show with a Wonderful and Talented Cast

The Justice Theater Project, headed up by Deb Royals, has been producing socially important entertainment for 12 years now. They never fail at both massive jobs — entertaining and driving home the various gaping inequities in American society. This season JTP’s theme, according to Kristi Vincent Johnson, chairperson of the theater’s board of directors, is… Read More ›

JTP’s Rendition of The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess Is Beautiful and Captivating!

The Justice Theater Project’s rendition of The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess, which concludes its two-week run on June 23-25 at the Umstead Park United Church of Christ in Raleigh, tells a hauntingly beautiful story, set in “Catfish Row,” a tenement in Charleston, SC. Porgy is a disabled beggar. Bess is a beautiful, sultry woman with… Read More ›

Naima Yetunde Ince Gets Good Work from Her Cast and Tightly Blocks Men Always Leave

The Women’s Theatre Festival’s production of Men Always Leave, written and directed by Naima Yetunde Ince, was originally scheduled to be performed Aug. 6th and 7th, in tandem with Carol Torian’s The Traditionalists, as one of a pair of plays exploring “the complexities of our closest relationships and the way cycles of violence and abandonment… Read More ›

Carol Torian’s The Traditionalists Provides Ample Food for Thought and Feeling

Produced as part of the Women’s Theatre Festival, Carol Torian’s one-act play The Traditionalists is definitely worth seeing. But beware; it is not a “feel-good” play. The script is powerful, shocking, and thought-provoking. The play’s subject is domestic abuse, and we are witnesses to one evening of it. The acting is phenomenal, and the pacing… Read More ›

An Extraordinary Show, The Traditionalists Stars Elaine Quagliata and Douglas Lally

The Traditionalists is a one-act play that was supposed to be one of two presented this past weekend and next, following the Women’s Theatre Festival’s 24-hour Occupy the Stage Event the previous weekend. A family emergency caused the postponement of Men Always Leave by Naima Yetunde Ince, which will be included in the Aug. 13th… Read More ›