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The Return of the Superhero Game

Over the years we’ve seen a tremendous array of superhero games. Some were good (Marvel Ultimate Alliance), some were decent (Spiderman) and some were just horrendous (Superman, Iron-Man, every Batman game ever made and of course Aquaman). This year though we got a chance to see what a good superhero game should be and in the case of Rocksteady’s Arkham Asylum, you have the making of an excellent superhero game.

Introducing the Newest Avenger, Captain Mouse — Disney Agrees to Buy Marvel

Soon enough, we’ll be seeing that Disney stamp after the Marvel flip book at the beginning of their comic book movies. While Marvel already has outstanding deals with folks like Fox and Sony these are not super-long contracts so that means for sure that Disney will reign all that in and keep everything from the videogames, films and characters under the mouse banner.

Not to worry though Tinkerbell, you won’t be replaced by the human torch … yet.