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"Avenue Q" played DPAC on April 19th and 20th

“Avenue Q” Delighted DPAC Patrons

Imagine what would happen if Jim Henson’s Muppets went rogue and were forcibly relocated from Sesame Street to a much less desirable neighborhood in an outer borough of the Big Apple, where they could stay up all night, talk dirty, and have unprotected puppet sex — in full view of an audience — and you have songwriters Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx’s basic concept for their wickedly funny 2003 Broadway musical “Avenue Q.”

"Avenue Q" plays DPAC on April 19th and 20th

“Avenue Q” Plays DPAC April 19th and 20th

The New York Times hailed “Avenue Q” as “a breakthrough musical of a very different stripe. Savvy, sassy and delicious!” and Entertainment Weekly claimed it was “one of the funniest shows you’re ever likely to see!”